Our weekend at Youth Olympic Games #iLoveYOG

We had an awesome time at Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer and Hamar.  


Camilla: After practise I went up to Hamar. I first went to Vikingshipet where a 500 m speed skating competition were held and there I met up with the swedish figure skater, Viktoria Helgesson. It was so nice to see her again! I think the last time I saw her was at the European Championships in Stockholm.  Viktoria is a role model ambassador for the swedish team during the games.

Then I went to the figure skating rink (OL-Amfi) to get an accreditation.

During the mens short program I got to meet the IOC president Thomas Bach, together with Olympic Champion Yuna Kim 2010, Olympic Champion Maurizio Margaglio in Ice Dance, 2002, german figure skaters participating in YOG, ISU representatives and Emilie, a sweet norwegian volunteer. We watched parts of the competition together before we went to the mixed zone.

img_8211.jpg Then I saw the last group together with some norwegians before Viktoria Helgesson and I held two training sessions.


Try the sport: Youth Olympic has added new events besides the sports events, and “try the sport” was one of them. Viktoria and I were coaches. There were two groups. A group with small children and then older one afterwards.

Photo: Robert Grzegorczyk

We did some steps, then a jump or two, before we did spins at the end. It was fun to work with so motivated kids!

Photo: Robert Grzegorczyk

After the sessions, Youth Olympic Coca Cola reporter, Ida, came to try skating. We filmed a bit while I tried to teach her a spin. She said she will post on IG, but I haven´t seen it yet.

I drove Viktoria back to Lillehammer, and we had a really nice chat in the car. She is almost family now, since my sister is dating her brother. And we found Anne Line at Sjogg-Park, and I drove back to Hamar with Anne Line since we stayed together at a hotel here.

It was a nice day!

Anne Line: After practice, I went directly  to the airport in Copenhagen. When I landed in Oslo a guy from TV-production picked me up at the airport so I could make it on time for Sjogg live. They were so friendly.

The talk-show was outdoor and it was so cozy and the hostes were great!

Mo and Sirius were playing the official song – Go beyond create tomorrow.

We talked about my figure skating career , my twin sister and I got Norwegian waffles with brown cheese. It was good!


We spent this day together! We ate good breakfast at the hotel before we picked up two good friends, Ingrid and Fredrik, at the train station. We then went to Lillehammer to see what´s around.
IMG_4951 We saw Lysgårsbakkene, we went around the stands in Haakons Hall and played around in “Learn and Share”-room.

You´re never to old to play around 😉

One of the highlights were trying virtual reality glasses. OMG! That was so fun! We tried to ski jump, and right before the jump we could feel nerves rushing in. Haha.

We also saw Lene, our coach from Olympiatoppen.

We could post a photo on IG, and get it printed out if we tagged: ILoveYOG,
And we also went to the Get Set-stand. The girls asked us if we wanted to try, so I showed them that I (Camilla) was one of the role models on the app.

Unfourtunaltely Kristin Hall was closed, so we couldn´t go inside.
IMG_4969It is almost ten years since we were in Lillehammer. We look at Lillehammer as the place where we started our skating career, together with Gjøvik. Since we practiced one day a week in Gjøvik, and the rest of the days in Lillehammer.

Then we went to Sjogg-Park.

There was an Igloo, and we tried ski ballet.

Then we went back to Hamar to watch ladies short program!
We cheered for Juni Marie, and she did really well! We´re proud of our team mate! And we wish her good luck today in the free skating! NRK will broadcast at NRK sport at 14.55 🙂 Our good friend Anine will be the commentator! 🙂 So make sure to watch!  We can promise really high level at the competition!

Try the sport with Stephane Lambiel!
Anne Line: It was my turn to be a coach on Try the sport! And I had the pleasure to be with Stephane Lambiel (World Champion 2005 and 2006). He was so good with small children and I could see they all had stars in their eyes watching him skate. It was inspiring to be a coach on the ice with him, and watch him give advice to young skaters.  We did mostly steps and a little bit jumping, and a spin at the end.


We recommend you to take a trip! The games ends on Monday! 🙂

-Skating Twins




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  1. Kommer dere flere dager til Hamar? Altså under ungdoms OL?🙂


  2. Kommer dere flere dager til Hamar? Altså under ungdoms OL?🙂 (Ikke for trening)


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