Youth Olympic- Figure Skating Schedule

Do you want to watch the worlds best junior figure skaters compete for the Youth Olympic title? Read below!

During the Youth Olympic Games 76 athletes will compete in the figure skating event. The level in junior figure skating is really high. Take your friends with you to Hamar and watch figure skating live!

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Juni Marie Benjaminsen

Norway has one competitor in the ladies event: Juni Marie Benjaminsen
Join us when we cheer for her during the competition!

Saturday 13/02

Pairs short:  14.00- 15.30

Ekaterina BORISOVA / Dmitry SOPOT

Men short : 16.00-18.25

Sunday 14/02

Ice Dance short 14.00-15.40

Ladies short 16.10-18.35

Polina Tsurskaya

Monday 15/02

Men free 12.00-14.00

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Ice dance free 14.20-17.00

Tuseday 16/02

Ladies free 12.30-14.30

Ice Dance free 15.00-17.35

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Anastasia SKOPTCOVA / Kirill ALESHIN

Saturday 20/02

MIX NOC 14.00-19.55

Team competition

We are excited to see the event in Hamar

We will come to watch during the weekend. And at the end of the competition day we will be coaches for young athletes. Camilla and Viktoria Helgesson will be coaches on Saturday and Anne Line and Stephane Lambiel will be coaches on Sunday.

If you want to know other sports or off-ice activities ( like we figure skaters like to call it), you can download the app

Hope to see you at the rink: Hamar OL-Amfi Nordlyshallen!

Welcome to YOG in Hamar!

Best regards,

The skating twins :-*




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  1. Hva betyr “MIX NOC”? 🙂Og hvilken uke er det dere er trenere?


  2. This is great blog, I will certainly be back.


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