Road to Olympics, a little trip down memory lane.

-Anne Line-

Today I will tell my figure skating story and share my figure skating experience with athletes in Malmö. I have been going down memory lane and I came across a heartwarming blogpost my lovely twin wrote after I qualified for olympics.


September 2013 by Camilla Gjersem

“Today is my day off practice so I thought I’’d blog a little bit about my fantastic twin sister and about our relationship. And also a little trip down memory lane.

Many people wonder what it’s like to be twins. I love it, and I´m lucky to have Anne Line. She’´s not only my sister and best friend, but she is my biggest inspiration and competitive rival.

As identical twins we are quite different, but also very much alike, both by looks and by personal qualities.

Two small girls who fell in love with the sport 
From we were very young Line was the one who mastered everything first. She learned the ordinary things like talking and walking first, but also when we grew older she mastered the elements on the ice before me. When she could do it, I knew I could do it too.

When we were 11 years old, Line landed her double axel. I was determinded that I also would master the jump before I turned 12. Christmas was coming up, and I was in a hurry, since my birthday is in January. So, one day I decided to practice my double axel on an outdoor rink. I ended up in the ER with three broken bones in my ankle. By the time the cast came off, I had turned twelve a long time ago. I returned strong after my injury, and that year it was I who won most of the competitions. That put Line on fire and she worked even harder to surpass me again. We were both motivated by seeing the other succeed. The competition between us has been positive and important for our development during the years.

The road towards the big goal

In 2006 we both joined the Norwegian Olympic committee’’s Sonja Henie-project, working towards the Olympics. For starters we did basic practice three times a week with Claude Lebreaux. Later it became two times a week, and we also practiced dance with Christer Tornell. The training with Olympiatoppen has been a key factor to get us where we are today.

Skärmavbild 2016-01-14 kl. 00.44.49
Pictures from when we were 13 years old.

Line has achieved so much. Season 2008-2009 her results boosted. She debuted in both junior GP and junior worlds. She won bronze in both European youth festival and Nordics. The years after the progress continued, but she has been injury plagued. First back problems, then an ankle operation.

After the operation she chose to move to Sweden to find new challenges with Ela Magnusson.  I chose to remain in Asker because it fits my life better. I was really happy with my training here with my coach Berit, and also because I have arranged school to go together with my practices and competitions.

It was really sad that Anne Line was moving, and even if she had a whole new everyday life, my life also became different. I was used to doing everything with Line, but we are good at keeping in touch through social medias and internet. We still are. The weirdest thing about her moving was that people around me started addressing me as one person and not always “you”. It sounds really corny. I hadn’’t realized I had been looking at Line and myself as a part of one another.

Last season (2013) everything really took off and you can say Line got her international breakthrough. She qualified for the FS at Euros (that’s also been a while since last time) and she made it to worlds where you need high technical results to be allowed to compete. She was unstoppable, and on Friday (27 spetember 2013) she qualified Norway an Olympic spot!


I couldn’’t watch the SP because I was on the ice myself, but I followed the FS all night long and the nerves got to me from the very beginning. I spammed Twitter constantly to keep me busy, because I was almost going mad. I didn’’t know if she was nervous, tense or calm. Several of the skater before her didn’’t do very well, so it was obvious they felt the pressure. When Anne Line got into starting position I have never ever been so nervous in my entire life. She landed all her five triples and a 2 axel. I was sure she had made it, but judging from the look of her face, I don’’t think she herself realized before she got her marks in the K&C. She ended up 7th, with the 3rd best technical score in the FS.

watch her program here:

2 minutes after she had her score, she called me! We shouted “Congratulations” before we both cried of joy.  I´’ve never cried from joy in such hysterical manner before.

Words cannot describe how proud I am of Line, and of course extremely jealous. Her big dream came true, now we can only hope the Olympic committee gives her a go! I mean, we have worked togheter in this project for seven years. I couldn’t sleep that night, so I was talking to Line on the phone. Just before we said good night, she said “Camilla,  “I couldn’t have done this without you”. It was so nice to hear and it shows how humble and caring she is. What she did was a team victory for the entire Norwegian figure skating family. She’s a role model for many, and shows that hard work will give results.

If she can do it, I know I can do it to, and I’´m working towards Olympics in 2018!”

Thanks to Tove for english translation: we found it here: 




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  1. Hei:) Først; bloggen deres er kjempefin, veldig spennende å følge dere. Som kunstløpsfan er kjennes det nesten uvirkelig at Norge nå er med i de store konkurransene med flere løpere som gjør det bra. Det er så interessant å være med dere bak kulissene.

    Det var også veldig hyggelig å lese Camillas gamle blogginnlegg igjen. Jeg må bare få påpeke en ting. Camilla blogget jo på norsk, og oversettelsen dere har postet her, er min oversettelse fra Figure Skating Universe, forumet over alle forum, som jeg la ut i september 2013. Norsk kunstløp trenger jo litt boost ute i den store kunstløpsverdenen, så jeg prøver å poste det som er av viktig nytt, og da med oversettelser når det er lange, norske artikler o.l. Det er helt i orden at dere bruker oversettelsen min av Camillas bloggpost, men det hadde vært fint å bli kreddet for det, den tok jo litt tid å lage:)

    Masse lykke til med resten av sesongen, heier heftig på dere!! Klem fra Tove


  2. Fornavn går fint. Ha fin helg fortsatt og god upcoming treningsuke:)


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