IMG_6865So when we started this blog, we also wanted to tell how it is like to be twins, and for you to get to know us better. So ever wonder how it’s like to be twins?  This is how we see it.

  • The best thing about having a twin sister while growing up is that you always have someone to play with.


  • We moved a lot, and changed schools many times. Always having some besides you made us more confident and secure meeting new friends, because we never had to go through it alone.
  • As twins we get a lot of attention. People seem to think twins are fascinating.
  • Even we have sometimes difficulties telling who is who in baby pictures. – Like I don’t remember what I looked like when I was young.
  • You can always blame it on the other twin, and no one knows who actually did it.
  • You’ll get used to people comparing you. From you’re young and it never stops.
    -Can you tell who is who?
  • We made our own language when we were kids, this secret twin-language. But our parents denied us from using it.
  • We got one color each. Camilla was pink (or red), and Anne Line was blue.


  • Camilla had to use a red band in her hair when she was little so coaches could tell us apart


And some other parts when we’re older.

  • We can now dress alike because it’s fun!
  • When we been together for a while we get really synced.
  • and we answer at the same time, with the exact same words
  • or we finish each others sentences
  • And when we’re being interviewed together, we always look at each other first, before we answer._MG_4499
  • A lot of people you don’t know can start to talk to you or hug you
    –  It’s kind of awkward at first, but it’s a fast and fun way of starting a new friendship.
  • When people ask:  Are you the one or the other one?
    I am always the one 😉 haha, kidding, I am sorry, but I don’t know who you are thinking about”
  • and if it looks good on you, you know it looks good on your sister
  • You can shop for two
  • You can wear each others clothes
    -So when one is visiting the other, we don’t need to bring anything, just borrow.
  • When people see you skyping with your twin, they ask if you’re skyping with yourself
  • we work as a team
  • Unless theres’s a test or competition: we both want to do just a little bit better!
  • But we always happy for the each other
  • Or feel sad when the other is sad
  • People ask if we have telepathic skills, and the answer is no.
  • But we know each other so well, so we know what the other one is thinking without having to say it.
  • You get to have a sister and best friend all in one!

It’s hard that we live so far apart, but then it’s even better when we’re together. Here’s some photos, mostly taken during holidays og at training camps.  Can you tell the differences?
IMG_3142281415_10150742047475301_4438822_n 962954_10153068401575301_1511202599_n IMG_6646 IMG_7718 IMG_7742 IMG_4252 IMG_6699 IMG_6650
IMG_4150 IMG_1061 10695_10155066293765263_2480180772146257817_n

  • If you have any questions, post them below!


Anne Line and Camilla :-*






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  1. Both of you are so beautiful! Are you identical twins? I have twin kids, but they are boy and a girl! Yes, that’s right twins were so fascinating for me, when I was young. Then, when I got married, God blessed me one 🙂 Love your blog and pictures. By the way, I’m a friend of your Aunt Mercy Vannett. Blessings to both of you.


  2. Awesome! Awesome! For sure some people who have twins will love your blog. It was fun reading it all.😃😘


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