Italiensk skatingforum-intervju

Vi fikk noen spørsmål fra et italiensk kunstløp-forum:Roba Da Pattinatrici & Pattinatori, og vi tenkte å dele det med dere.

Anne Line:
She was born on 6 january 1994 in Honefoss, Norway. Anne Line is 2 times Norwegian national champion and she has a twin,Camille an ice skater too. She raappresented Norway at Olimpics Games 2014,in Sochi. Unlike her sister she is elegant, delicate, light on ice, and often she seems to fly .. We have asked to her some questions. Thanks Anne Line and good luck for all.

1) The first question is common to both (you and your sister): what it means to have a sister who compete against you? It may be heavy?

– I’m so grateful to share figure skating with my twin sister. Through the years we have always competed against each other. The competition between us is motivating and it helps us push the limits. It’s hard when we are fighting for the same spot to represent the country at championships. But it’s wonderful to have a twin sister who you can share all your experience with and we always support each other.
2) You have participated at the Olympics games in Sochi: what will remain in you of this experience?
-Participating in the Olympics Games in Sochi was a dream come true! I was so happy to achieve my lifetime dream goal and I really enjoyed skating in Sochi. I was so proud to represent my country and be a part of the Norwegian team. I will cherish this experience my entire life.
3) what is your favorite thing of being a figure skater?
– I like the fact that figure skating is both a technical and an artistic sport. Jumps has always been my favorite, but it’s fun to work with choreography and improving skating skills as well. It’s so much fun to travel to different countries to compete with people from all over the world.
4) How do you see yourself in 10 years?
-In 10 years I have ended my competitive figure skating career. I would have graduated from the University in Lund. So I will be working as a civil engineer and I will living with my boyfriend.
5) Norway was once a strong nation in skating. What do you think should be done to get back up again?
– I think it’s a progress of building the nation back up again. It is important to create more interest of the sport. It’s easier if we get better result at Championship so that kids will be inspired to skate and we can build up a strong culture in figure skating.

She was born on 6 january 1994 in Honefoss, Norway. Camilla is 3 times Norwegian national champion and she has she has a twin, Anne Line, an ice skater too. Her last major competition in which she took part was the European championship. We like her for her spontaneity, her sparkly way of skate and the joy she brings on the ice. We asked her few questions, Thank you so much Camilla. Thanks for answer our questions

1) The first question is common to both (you and your sister): what it means to have a sister who compete against you? It may be heavy?
– This is what I tell everyone who ask how it is to have a twin sister as my biggest competitor on the ice.
For me it´s normal, and it´s what I´m used to. I am lucky I have a twin sister who share the same passion for figure skating. We grown more together because of the sport, and we can support each other through our journey. The competition against each other as been healthy. We can push each other to become better, learn from each others experiences and of course be there for each other in ups and downs.
2) You’re from Philippines: never thought of competing for this state ?
– Well, it has crossed my mind some years ago, so my twin sister and I can stop fighting for the one spot, but I prefer to compete for Norway.
3) You train to Oberstdorf: how do you feel? When did you realize that it was the right place for you?
– I´ve been in Oberstdorf for many years. It´s a great place to practice during the summer. I love the place, and it feels like a second home. It´s the right place for me because it gives me alot of variety and the best training possibilities. I love working with the coaches and the skaters there, and the atmosphere is always great. During the summer I also practice in Skara in Sweden and Jar in Norway with my own coach.
4) How much is heavy make sacrifices when you do something you love?
-I don´t feel like I´m sacrificing anything. It´s more that I have to prioritize differently, but I love what I´m doing and the way I live. So I don´t feel I miss other stuff. One day my skating career will be over, and I have time to other things I don´t make time to right now.
5) If I tell you: Olympics 2018? What’s your answer?
– I´ll be there.


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